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The Resilient Women Leading the Charge in Entrepreneurship

If you’ve dabbled or are currently crushing the world of entrepreneurship, then you know that it can feel like walking a tightrope without a net. What’s the secret sauce for not crashing and burning? It’s about having that shining lighthouse or a role model that lights up your path when you’re charting unfamiliar territories. On my own rollercoaster ride of building two companies from the ground up, I’ve consistently drawn inspiration from a brigade of trailblazing female founders. Whenever I find myself facing a new challenge or duking it out with that damn imposter syndrome, I look to the legends—the women who’ve carved paths through the entrepreneurial wilderness with their indomitable spirit. These ladies are a masterclass in bouncing back with grace, wielding courage like a sword, and sparking creativity from the embers of challenges.

Whitney Wolfe Herd: Revolutionizing the Tech Space

As a female founder in the tech industry, Whitney Wolfe Herd faced a landscape dominated by male counterparts. Yet, she didn’t let that deter her vision for Bumble, a dating app that empowers women to make the first move. Overcoming skepticism and industry norms, Whitney’s relentless pursuit of a safer, more respectful online dating experience led Bumble to become a beacon of feminist tech, proving that empathy and empowerment can indeed revolutionize technology.

Alli Webb: Redefining Beauty Standards

Alli Webb, the visionary behind Drybar, transformed a personal challenge into a groundbreaking business model. She’s an example of two sides of a coin for me personally. I admire her fierce female founder business accomplishments, of course. She navigated the saturated beauty market without a traditional background in cosmetology; Alli’s journey was filled with learning curves that impacted her professional and personal life. Her determination to offer a unique, focused service — blowouts — propelled Drybar into a multimillion-dollar brand, and her tenacity and courage allowed her to make the hard choices in her business and life. After reading her new book, The Messy Truth, I admire her for her courage to tell her real story. As a divorcee myself, I know how difficult it is to go through the ups and downs of life all while being the CEO of a company. You have to be strong for everyone even when everything around you is crumbling, including yourself. Reading Alli’s story allowed me to feel a connection to this powerhouse woman who keeps moving forward, learning lessons, and taking what serves her into the next chapter.

Trinny Woodall: Building a Beauty Empire on Authenticity

Trinny Woodall, founder of Trinny London, ventured into the competitive beauty industry with a revolutionary concept: stackable, personalized makeup. Facing the daunting task of convincing consumers to shift from traditional makeup to her innovative products, Trinny’s deep understanding of real women’s needs and her commitment to authenticity won over skeptics. Trinny London’s success underscores the power of innovation and staying true to one’s vision, even in the face of doubt. Plus, she’s totally unapologetically, no-holds-barred herself. Her truth and authenticity has inspired me to be more myself than ever before.

Codie Sanchez: Challenging Financial Norms

Codie Sanchez, an investor and entrepreneur, navigated the male-dominated finance industry with a contrarian approach to investment. She tackled the challenge of breaking into the tight-knit, often exclusionary world of investing with grit and a unique perspective on overlooked investment opportunities. If you haven’t injected any of her social content, I urge you to take a peek. I’ll bet you can’t watch just one. I had the pleasure of watching one of her talks during a conference I was helping with in Austen, TX. The room was stacked with industry giants. Codie walked that stage like a seasoned pro with polish and panache. She had everyone completely engaged and hanging on every word. I studied her every move and took notes on how she mastered the audience and took over the room. She could teach a masterclass in public speaking and I’d be the first to sign up. Not to mention that her mission and mine go hand in hand.

Barbara Corcoran: Turning Setbacks into Success

Barbara Corcoran’s female founder journey from waitress to real estate mogul and star on Shark Tank is a masterclass in transforming setbacks into opportunities. Barbara faced numerous rejections and skepticism early in her career. However, her ability to use each no as a motivator, her creative problem-solving skills, and her undeniable charisma enabled her to build a billion-dollar business empire. Barbara’s story is a powerful reminder that perseverance and a positive outlook can turn even the most daunting obstacles into stepping stones to success.

And finally, me, Kendra Beavis: Embracing Every Part of the Process

It’s vital to have role models, yet it’s crucial to seek inspiration within ourselves. Often, we’re fixated on external sources for guidance, overlooking the power of introspection to discover our inner hero. Throughout my journey of establishing MOKA and now launching my second venture, Eve Academy, I’ve navigated numerous challenges. These ranged from self-doubt and the intricacies of creating a new brand from the ground up to personal trials, including a divorce, embracing motherhood as a single parent, and finding sobriety to preserve my future. Each obstacle underscored the significance of resilience, the strength found in a nurturing community, and the impact of genuine storytelling. Alongside my peers in female entrepreneurship, I’ve learned to value every step of the journey, setbacks included. Each challenge is a lesson in disguise, every hurdle an opportunity to unearth personal fortitude, and each failure a guidepost toward success.

These female founders have not only built successful businesses; they’ve paved the way for future generations of women to dream big, face challenges head-on, and carve their own paths in the entrepreneurial world. Their stories are testaments to the fact that with determination, innovation, and a bit of resilience, overcoming hurdles isn’t just possible — it’s the foundation of extraordinary success.

So, to every woman with a dream, remember: the path may not always be smooth, but it’s yours to shape. Embrace it, learn from it, and let it guide you to your own version of success.

Kendra Beavis

CEO + Founder, MOKA, Eve Academy, Tribe of Unicorns, Brand New You Method™ | Digital Entrepreneur, Empowerment Advocate, Joy Seeker