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From Blurry to Brilliant

My NeuroPerformance Awakening with Jessica Raaum Foster

Imagine this: you’re at the helm of your empire, calling the shots, making things happen. But suddenly, your world starts to blur—literally. Double vision becomes your unwanted companion, turning your CEO clarity into a foggy mess. That was my reality. Over 2 years of bouncing from one specialist to another, from neurologists to ocular experts, and no one could crack the code. The more they shrugged, the more I felt lost, teetering on the edge of believing maybe it was all in my head.

The Magic Moment

Then, like a plot twist in the best kind of story, Jessica Raaum Foster waltzed into my life. Jessica wasn’t like the others; she didn’t just see a problem to fix. She saw a person, a leader, who needed not just answers but understanding and empowerment. And she had this unique approach called NeuroPerformance coaching—sounded like something out of a sci-fi novel, but hey, at this point, I was ready for a little science fiction in my life.

The Eye-Opening Revolution

Jessica introduced me to something that felt revolutionary: eye exercises. Simple, right? But these weren’t just any exercises; they were the key to unlocking my brain’s potential to heal and optimize itself. Through these exercises, Jessica didn’t just offer me a band-aid; she handed me a toolkit for life.

Whenever my vision starts to double or blur, I now know exactly what to do. It’s like having a secret weapon at my fingertips, ready to restore my vision and, with it, my confidence and focus. This wasn’t just about seeing clearly; it was about reclaiming my power as a CEO, as a leader, and as a woman.

Beyond the Blurry Edges

This journey taught me something profound: our greatest challenges often lead us to our most transformative discoveries. With Jessica’s guidance, I didn’t just overcome a physical hurdle; I embarked on a path of self-discovery and brain health optimization that has since shaped how I lead, create, and navigate the world.

For all you fierce lady bosses out there, know this: your brain is your most precious asset. Investing in its health and well-being isn’t just wise; it’s essential. And sometimes, the path to unlocking our full potential begins with a single step—or in my case, a simple eye exercise.

The Takeaway

So, here’s the scoop: if you’re feeling stuck, blurred, or just not at your peak, remember my story. NeuroPerformance coaching with someone as skilled as Jessica Raaum Foster might just be the game-changer you need. It’s about more than clearing your vision; it’s about seeing your path forward with newfound clarity and brilliance.

Let’s not just navigate our worlds; let’s illuminate them. Here’s to clear vision, empowered brains, and the unending journey of growth and discovery. Cheers to that, my fellow CEOs. Let’s make our vision—of our companies and our lives—as sharp and vibrant as we dare to dream.

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Kendra Beavis

CEO + Founder, MOKA, Eve Academy, Tribe of Unicorns, Brand New You Method™ | Digital Entrepreneur, Empowerment Advocate, Joy Seeker