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Breaking the Scarcity Spell: Why There’s Always More Room at the Top

Hey there, trailblazer! Let’s chat about a myth that’s been doing the rounds in our entrepreneurial circles, and honestly, it’s time to bust it wide open. It’s the myth of scarcity, this sneaky little belief that success is a limited-time offer, and once someone grabs their slice of the pie, there’s less for the rest of us. But, darling, let me share a game-changing truth with you: There’s no limit on abundance. The pie is endless, and there’s more than enough to go around for all of us.

Think about Seth Myers for a moment. On Howard Stern’s show, he shared an insight that struck a chord. Coming from Vermont, a place not exactly known as a comedy hotspot, he saw Adam Sandler, a fellow Vermonter, hit it big and thought, “Well, that’s it for Vermont comics.” But then, Sarah Silverman, another Vermont expat, also made a splash. Can you imagine if Seth had thrown in the towel, assuming the “Vermont comedian” quota was all filled up?

This is something we’ve all faced, isn’t it? That moment when someone else crosses the finish line of a race we’re still running. They publish the book we’ve been dreaming about, hit a milestone we’ve been eyeing, or launch the business we’ve been brainstorming. And we freeze, thinking, “Is there any room left for me?”

But here’s where we turn the table on those doubts: Opportunities are not a pie with limited slices. Fortune isn’t playing hard to get. We’re the architects of our own luck, opportunity, and fortune. It’s about stepping up, embracing faith in our ideas, and chasing our dreams with relentless passion. There’s no cosmic ledger tallying success, no magic beans counting down to zero. Success and abundance aren’t playing a game of musical chairs.

When you see someone else achieving your goals, don’t see it as a stop sign; see it as a green light. Their success isn’t a blockade on your path; it’s living, breathing proof that what you’re dreaming of is possible. Imagine if Seth Myers had flipped the script and thought, “Hey, if these Vermont folks can do it, why not me?” Spoiler alert: He didn’t give up, and look where he is now.

So, my dear, next time you feel that pang of doubt, remember this: There’s always more room at the top. Your slice of success is out there, freshly baked and waiting. Keep moving forward, keep believing, and remember, in this abundant world, your dreams have no expiry date. Let’s keep reaching for the stars, together.

Kendra Beavis

CEO + Founder, MOKA, Eve Academy, Tribe of Unicorns, Brand New You Methodâ„¢ | Digital Entrepreneur, Empowerment Advocate, Joy Seeker